Social Democracy

I am currently on a long-term research project with Prof. Peter Graefe of McMaster University examining the transformation of the NDP under Jack Layton. We’re investigating the way in which changes in the electoral and financing rules for political parties contributed to a “new” New Democratic Party. This builds on earlier research I’ve conducted examining the politics of the New Politics Initiative in the NDP in 1999-2000.

I also have a strong interest in the way that social class affects public opinion in the post-industrial societies. I am interested in the interplay of income, status, levels of education and field of study to create political preferences for and against redistribution and environmental protection. I woud like to know if the increasing role played by educated professionals will weaken social democratic parties' capacity to push for redistribution.

We are currently hiring a research assistant to assist with preparing survey data from the Canada Election Studies ( see here).

Simon Kiss
Associate Professor Digital Media and Journalism